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August 29, 2023

Akron's Brightest Future:
South Akron Youth Mentorship Evolves to Akron Youth Mentorship

Reflecting its broadened horizons and deep-rooted commitment to Akron's youth, South Akron Youth Mentorship is elated to announce its transformation into Akron Youth Mentorship.

Ron Kent, Executive Director of Akron Youth Mentorship, remarked, "The heart of our mission remains unchanged – to serve, nurture, and uplift Akron's youth. With our new name and continued dedication, our staff and volunteers are ready to further our relational commitment to the youth of Akron, guiding them towards a future filled with promise and purpose."

This rebranding not only reflects the organization's expanded geographic reach but is also a testament to the evolving scope and mission of the program. Over its illustrious journey, SAYM started with a profound impact on the communities within South East Akron, specifically the neighborhoods of Joy Park and Rosemary and Wilbeth Homes. With time, as families moved and the organization’s reputation blossomed, mentorship extended far beyond those initial bounds. Today, almost every Akron neighborhood is proudly represented within the mentorship program.

Akron youth are our today and our future, and the newly named Akron Youth Mentorship aims to stand by them in every stage of their journey. Guided by the purpose of helping Akron's youth make the best decisions at every moment, Akron Youth Mentorship will continue focusing on its core principles: Mentorship, Education, Work Readiness, and Experiences. Each pillar has been designed to offer comprehensive care to the students, fostering relationships built on trust and mutual growth.

Akron Youth Mentorship's rebranding captures its essence – to mentor youth with biblical teaching, empowering them to make informed and holistic decisions, whether they concern eternal, emotional, educational, or occupational aspects of life.

Akron Youth Mentorship is honored to be a recipient of the city's Violence Intervention and Prevention (VIP) Grant Program, highlighting its commitment to using evidence-based and grassroots-led efforts to curtail violence in Akron. With the city's present and future in the hands of its youth, Akron Youth Mentorship is more committed than ever to ensuring they are well-equipped, well-nurtured, and well-prepared for the challenges and triumphs ahead.

As part of its evolving mission, Akron Youth Mentorship is gearing up for its annual Back to School Celebration on September 2nd, aimed at celebrating our youth and the continued growth of our mentorship programs.

The broader Akron community can play a pivotal role in the success and outreach of Akron Youth Mentorship.

  • Give: Every contribution, whether large or small, has the power to make massive ripple effects!

  • Serve: Volunteers are the backbone of our initiatives – you can be a mentor, serve a meal, or be a tutor.

  • Connect: By sharing our story, introducing us to potential partners, or simply spreading the word, you can widen our circle of influence and impact.

Explore more about Akron Youth Mentorship’s work and discover opportunities to get involved at

About Akron Youth Mentorship:
Akron Youth Mentorship stands strong as a beacon of holistic mentorship, offering Akron's youth a support system grounded in biblical teachings, and guiding them in their academic, emotional, and occupational journeys. Learn more at 

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