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Akron Youth Mentorship’s Mentorship program puts positive adult influences in the lives of our 100+ students and provides a safe atmosphere for students to grow and develop into successful young adults. Through the time that our mentors spend with our mentees, trust is built to give a platform for our mentors to help guide our mentees to make decisions that will put them in a position of success as they grow older. Ultimately, our goal is to help youth make the best decisions, every moment of every day.


Throughout the school year, we facilitate group mentoring sessions for mentees, elementary age through high school. Our mentors point mentees to Jesus through sharing weekly meals together, and work through challenges that our mentees face. Group Mentoring is our platform for all other programs and is a great connection point for further exploration of Akron Youth Mentorship.


As relationships are built within group mentoring, our mentees and mentors have the opportunity to branch off and do more intentional coaching, either as pairs or small groups. Our coaching strategy is a little like mining for gold. It is designed to create a context for exploratory conversation. As a result of this conversation, when needs and opportunities for advocacy,  support, or challenge arise, mentors are trained to offer guidance appropriately. With that guidance comes continual accountability and encouragement. Ideally, through the coaching process, mentors can lead mentees to growth by setting and achieving goals.



Grades K-5

Monday Evenings


Southeast Akron

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